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Corporate IT Training vs IT Certification Course | SLA INSTITUTE Chennai

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                        The additional training course after completing IT graduation has become mandatory these days. The ultimate reason behind this scenario is the expectation of IT companies to recruit trained candidates instead of wasting time and money in training candidates. But which Software training course would be yield the optimum benefit and promises a good career opportunity. This blog talks about the vital importance of corporate IT training when compared to regular IT certification courses.

Certification Courses:

    The certification courses acts as a starter program for beginners to acquire technical skills. But technical skills aren't enough to secure a job in reputed IT companies. The recent survey conducted across India reveals that nearly 90% of the IT graduates failed to meet the qualifications required to become an employee in IT industry. Lack of soft skills and aptitude skills are reported to be ultimate factors which induces this failure.

How corporate training would be ideal?

    Corporate training courses are comprised of not only the technical training but also the other essential training on soft skills, interview skills, aptitude skills etc.

SLA Corporate IT Training Company

    SLA IT Group of companies is engaged in offering corporate training in Chennai with placement courses for the past two decades. With more than eight years of experience in providing software solutions and business solutions to international clients, SLA is well aware of meeting the needs to enhance the candidate's talents with adequate skills.

Course Comprised of:

Technical Skills
Soft Skills
Aptitude Skills
Interview Skills
Placement Skills
Attitude Development Skills
Internship Training

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