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            It’s a dream of many young IT graduates to become a software developer. Java in particular is the most efficient and top object oriented programming language trending across the IT software technologies. This blog talks about the essential concepts of java programming language and software development.

JDK is the short for Java Developer Kit which consists of tools and source files required to create Java applications. It is an open source developer kit which can be downloaded from the official site of Oracle.

Object Oriented Paradigm

Java being an object oriented paradigm, the entire application can be divided in to several objects and the methods implied with those objects.

Classes and Objects

Every functionality in the object oriented programming language like java is encapsulated within specific classes. These classes can be extended with several child classes. Objects are created to these objects to access the members and member functions belonging to those classes. Each object runs independently without any interference from other objects.


Inheritance is the popular concept used in java programming language which involves acquiring the properties of once class to another. Various types of inheritance such as single inheritance, multiple inheritance, multilevel inheritance and hierarchical inheritance are used in Java. 

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