Friday, 2 May 2014

Laptops vs Desktop Computer | SLA Training Institute

Laptops vs Desktop Computer

It's obvious that majority of the population around this world would be aware of laptops and desktop computers. In spite of the fact that both have same functionality, this blog speaks about the major differences between them.

# Laptops are costlier!

When you compare the price range of laptop and desktop computers of similar specifications, laptop computers are lot more costly than desktop computers. Laptops are expensive because it takes lot of perfection in making a computer compact and portable.

# Up-gradation is easier in desktop computers

Replacing the hardware products in desktop computer to newer and advanced versions is easier and sometimes the user himself can do that. But laptop computers take a professional or experts assistance to replace or upgrade any spare parts.

# Desktop Computer is Comfortable

With large keyboards, convenient mouse and bigger monitors, desktop computers are very comfortable to use that that of laptop computers.

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