Thursday, 8 May 2014

Training Process | SLA Jobs IT Courses

SLA Jobs follows unique and proper standards that are proven for its results and effectiveness in training students. This blog examines the various strategies used to make the training process peak and effective.

Analyzing the Trainee's skills

This is the first step followed by SLA Jobs before starting the training to the students. The students are tested and analyzed for their current status at their technical skills, attitude skills and communication skills.

Dividing into Three Groups

After the effective analyzing of the trainees skills, the trainees are divided into 3 separate groups (Green group, Orange group and Red group) depending on their level of skills.

Green Group

Students are categorized to this group if they possess enough technical skills, positive attitude and better way of English communication. Trainees of this group are concentrated more on their advanced topics and trainings.

Orange Group

There are trainees who possess good knowledge in technical skills and also has positive attitude but they may lack in their communication skills. These kinds of trainees are organized under this Orange group. Since communication skills are very important for the candidates to perform and survive in the IT industry, trainees belonging to this group are concentrated more on their communication skills.

Red Group

Students who lack at all the skills such as technical skills, attitude skills and communication skills are grouped into this category. Theoretical and practical sessions are designed to meet all the necessary training to the trainees belonging to this group.

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