Wednesday, 7 May 2014

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Career Course VS Certification Course

There is a big difference between the complete IT career course and an ordinary certification course. An IT certification course will only focus on the technical training in a particular domain. Career course will also focus on the technical skills but in addition to that it provides training on other essential skills required for employment. A career course fulfills all the essential training required to make a trainee employable in IT Company. Technical skills, soft-skills, aptitude skills, attitude management skills and interview presence skills are the necessary skills required for a candidate to get employed in an IT company.

Soft-skills Training in Chennai

Lack of soft skills is said to be the major reason for candidate to fail in their interviews. Even though the candidate possesses a good technical knowledge, they are rejected because of their poor communication skills and interview presence. And it’s an unfortunate that very few institutes are providing soft-skills training with perfection. SLA Jobs is one among the finest training center for IT employment training that offers courses packed with training on soft-skills, interview skills, aptitude skills, attitude management skills etc.

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