Friday, 18 April 2014

Steps for Installing Windows - SLA Chennai

Steps for Installing Windows

This blog is written to guide the computer users to install Windows 7 operating system easily.

ñ  #Step 1 - Press the boot key to enter the system BIOS. (The key depends on computers main board) Del and F2 are most common keys.

ñ  #Step 2 - Go to boot tab in BIOS settings and choose CD/DVD

ñ  #Step 3 - Save the settings and restart the computer.

ñ  #Step 4 - Insert boot-able Windows 7 DVD into the DVD drive of your computer.

ñ  #Step 5 - After the Windows 7 loaded the necessary files, choose the language and time zone before clicking next.

ñ  #Step 6 - Choose the operating system Windows 7 and click next.

ñ  #Step 7 - Check the box accepting the terms and license agreements and click next.

ñ  #Step 8 - Choose Custom option for installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 in your computer.

ñ  #Step 9 - Select the hard disk partition where you want to install the operating system.

ñ  #Step 10 - Enter the computer name, product keys and password by clicking next.

ñ  Keep clicking next until the installer finishes installing the operating system.

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