Friday, 18 April 2014

Types of Web Applications | SLA Jobs Chennai

Types of Web Applications

            Web applications have become one of the basic need for business development in today's world. Web applications can be classified based on the client or server machine they operate as client side applications and server side applications.

Client Side Application

These applications are developed for executing on the client side. Browsers are often used for running these applications on client side computer. The client machine loads the resources and data received from the server.

Server Side Application

            Server side applications are capable of running in high end server computers. These applications can interact with the client machines and respond to the request given by the client machines.

            Web applications are classified based on their functionality as presentation oriented web applications and service oriented web applications

Presentation Oriented Web Applications

These web applications generate dynamic web pages using languages such as HTML, XML etc. They can respond to requests with acknowledgment but they cannot provide any services.

Service Oriented Web Applications

Presentation oriented applications can invoke service oriented applications for availing services. These applications use scripting languages like PHP, JavaScript etc.

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