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SLA | IT Career Courses | soft-skills / aptitude training in Chennai

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            There is a major difference between the IT certification courses and IT career courses. An IT certification course becomes a career course if it fulfills all the essential training required to make a trainee employable in IT Company. Those essentials skills are technical skills, soft-skills, aptitude skills, attitude management skills and interview presence skills etc. SLA, the no.1 employment training company in India is offering IT courses that cover training on all the above required skills.

Soft-skills Training in Chennai

Most of the candidates fail interviews because of lacking soft skills. Unfortunately very few institutes are providing soft-skills training in Chennai. SLA is one among them where each and every employment training course is packed with high prioritized training on soft-skills.

Aptitude Training in Chennai

The meaning of aptitude is nothing but an ability to do something. Any IT company that is recruiting employees will definitely expect a good technical aptitude skills from the candidates. Aptitude skills play a vital role in affecting the technical performance of an employee. In addition to every technical training course, SLA is also providing exclusive aptitude training in Chennai.

Thus SLA IT Career Courses are complete and excellent employment courses which promises a bright future in IT industry.

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20 Years of Excellence | IT Training Courses | Jobs in Chennai for Freshers

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SLA, institute for IT training courses and placement services in Chennai has more than 20 years of experience in providing employment exchange services. As a pioneer in private employment exchange services, SLA has a wide knowledge on providing all the necessary skills to transform a trainee to an employable IT candidate. There are several advantages on choosing IT training courses from SLA.

ñ  All the courses are designed as per the availability of jobs in Chennai for freshers. Software courses
   Dot Net software courses offered by SLA has excellent job opportunities
   Demanding networking training courses on CCNA, N+, and MCSE etc.
   Trending Hardware training courses like A+, MCSA, and MCITP etc.

ñ  Every IT training courses covers world class technical training, soft skill training, aptitude training, attitude management training and interview skill training.

ñ  Excellent opportunity to work on live internship project after completion of training course.

ñ  Certification for course completion and working experience certification for internship training.

ñ  Unlimited interview arrangements for IT jobs in Chennai for Freshers.

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Grab an IT Career from SLA Training Institute

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            The ultimate motto of any professional course is to offer an employment opportunity to a trainee. In spite of several IT training institutes offering various IT training courses, why there are more unemployed IT candidates? There is a myth behind this question that the lack of job vacancies is the reason for unemployment. A resent national level employability report has revealed a shocking truth to break this myth. The report says that among all the graduated IT engineers, only 17.45 % are employable.

            The report is based on AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) that has been conducted on 55,000 engineering graduates of last year from different parts of the country. Key factors that influenced this employability report are English communication skills, quantitative aptitude skills and technical skills. This poor status is nothing but a severe wake up call, to alert the young and future IT aspirants.

            SLA, India's first and No.1 employment training company is offering excellent range of IT professional training courses. These courses covers complete technical training and it also comprises of the following attributes:

ñ  Soft skill training for better English communication
ñ  Quantitative aptitude learning classes
ñ  Attitude development training
ñ  Interview skill training and mock interview sessions

Hence, SLA IT training courses are complete and beneficial training courses. After completing the course, trainees can avail unlimited interview schedules from the placement cell.

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Demand for Dot Net Platform – SLA Chennai

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            IT industry is always adorned with new technologies and advancement, thus those job vacancies keeps changing from time to time. Dot Net platform is now trending with lot of job opportunities when compared to other software domains. There is nothing incongruous about this trend because there are several advantages in Dot Net platform.

            There are several factors that influence the demand for Dot Net platform. Dot Net platform has become an ultimate IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both enterprise level software developers and personal application developers. The user friendly approach of Dot Net while developing application, saves lot of complications and time consumption. Implementing data abstraction concepts in making a simplistic user interface distinguishes itself from other platforms.

            SLA, leading IT training institute and pioneer private employment exchange company is engaged in offering exclusive Dot Net course packages with internship real time projects. The course package covers training on Dot Net technical skills, English soft skills, aptitude skills and attitude management skills.

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Benefits from SLA IT Training Courses

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            It’s obvious that there are various IT training courses offered by numerous IT training centers in Chennai. But SLA will be the best IT training institute when it comes to the benefits and standards. Courses offered by SLA institute are well designed in accordance with the current trend and job availability in the IT industry. This is a major factor that helps SLA to maintain its excellent placement records.

Highlights of SLA

  • SLA has achieved 100% Placement record till date.
  • Unique approach in training students
    • Trainees are divided into 3 groups
      • Green Group (Students who are good in their communication skills, attitude and technical skills) – students will proceed to next level of training.
      • Orange Group (Good attitude and technical knowledge but average in communication) – they are provided extra care to improve their communication skills.
      • Red Group (Below average in attitude, technical and communication skills.

  • Mock Interviews are conducted to enhance their interview presence and ability.
  • Frequent campus drives from clients.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tired of Trying for an IT Job? Here's SLA to Help You

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Tired of Trying for an IT Job? Here's SLA to Help You

                Being a pioneer in private employment exchange services, SLA is also specialized in training and employing people in IT industry for several years. The skills and talents demanded by the IT industry is volatile, it changes from time to time. Thus SLA always keeps updated with the current trends and requirements to enlighten the career of future generations.

                Having said that IT industrial trend keeps changing from time to time, to get a successful career in IT industry there is a necessity to get trained with the skills demanded by the IT industry. Compromising on this fact will lead to an unstable career.

SLA would be the Ultimate Destination

                SLA offers several IT professional training courses ranging from software courses to hardware and networking courses. These courses are designed in accordance with the available job opportunities and prospects. SLA always wanted its trainees to get placed in a consistent and suitable IT career for their profile.

                SLA is also an authorized examination center for the Pearson Vue examinations. With the power packed training course, the trainees can work on a live internship project at the end of their training. Thereby, a benefit of working experience is gained by the trainees in addition to the training package.

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Complete IT Professional Training Course by SLA - Chennai

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What makes an IT professional course complete?

Though there are many training institutes in Chennai engaged in offering several IT professional courses, the vital question goes unanswered all the time. Does that professional course is complete enough to secure an IT job. This blog is answering that career thriving question in several perspectives.

                A training course covering all the topics on its syllabus cannot be a complete professional course. Complete professional course should contain training for all the essential skills and talents which can turn a trainee to a complete professional. On the whole, a trainee pursuing IT training course should be qualified to be an IT professional.

                Necessary skills include technical skills, soft skills, interview skills, aptitude skills and positive attitude. Unfortunately, most of the IT training institutes are not concentrating on any skills other than technical skill.

Professional courses offered by SLA institute are not only complete but it also has additional features. Every employment course has additional internship training on live and real time project. The course is said to complete because it covers training on technical skills, aptitude skills, positive attitude development, soft skills and interview skills.

On the successful completion of the training course, trainees can avail assistance from the placement cell to unlimited number of interviews.

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Best IT Training Institute | Unlimited Interviews and Assured Placements in Chennai

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            The integrity and the importance of an IT certification course is increasing day by day. So, the two questions has become an ultimate concern. They are “Where to Study?” and “Which course has a demand in the IT industry?”. Now there are three letters that could answer the above concerns, its SLA. SLA is the first employment exchange company that has been established before two decades. The training institute is offering power packed IT professional courses and assured placement assistance in Chennai. SLA also has more than eight years of exposure in providing software solutions to international clients.
            All the courses are programed with the current demand and expectations of the IT industry. Each IT course provides technical training, aptitude skill training, positive attitude improvement training, interview skills training and soft skill training. On the whole, the course doesn't miss any essential qualities required for an IT candidate.
After the course completes, the trainees will work on real time or live projects which gives them the working exposure and experience. The placement team of SLA is offering unlimited interview schedules to the trainees to make sure that everyone is placed in an IT company for their respective profile.
 “Enlightening lives with their dream career is the ultimate motto of SLA”
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+91 9677012733

Beginners to Expert Level IT Courses and Placement in Chennai

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            A reputed employment exchange company known as SLA, is offering various IT courses that has excellent job opportunities. The IT courses are available are designed focusing on all the essential requirements of a candidate. There are excellent advantages on choosing on choosing an IT course from SLA. They are

ñ  Assured Placement Assistance.
ñ  Training by expert IT professionals.
ñ  Real Time project internship along with every IT course.
ñ  Certification for both course completion and Real Time project internship experience.
ñ  The institute has excellent reputation for training and placing nearly seventy thousand trainees.
ñ  Coaching on interview skills and mock interviews are conducted for the trainees.
ñ  Extra essential skills such as aptitude, attitude and soft skills are provided at world class standards.

Exclusive IT Training Courses Available SLA includes:

ñ  SCDP - SLA Certified Dotnet Professional
ñ  SCIM Course SLA Certified Infrastructure Management
   Package 1 - A+ ,N+ and CCNA
   Package 2 - A+, N+ and MCSE
ñ  Separate Technical Courses Like:
   SLA Certified A+ Course
   SLA Certified N+ Course
   SLA Certified MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator) Course
   SLA Certified MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) Course
   SLA Certified MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) Course
   SLA Certified CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) Course

Additional Training Courses for:

ñ  Aptitude Skills, Leadership Skills, Interview Skills, Soft Skills and Attitude Development

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+9144 42005050 (or) +91 9677012733

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Role of Soft Skills in an IT Career - SLA

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What is Soft Skills?

Soft skills are the essential personal attributes that helps in the way of interactions, job performance and career improvement. The essential soft skills include communication skills, vocabulary skills, debate skills, interpersonal skills etc.

Need for Soft Skill

Though the technical skills are the key attributes for an IT candidate, Soft skills plays an important role in their career. These soft skills decides their future and sustainability in IT industry. Recruiters are keen on this necessity and expecting compulsory soft skills from their candidates.

Growth in the Career 
Soft skills also plays vital role after entering into an IT company. It paves way to the growth path as a leader in their career. To perform a role of leader, one needs to communicate with his/her team to keep them motivated, to promote new ideas and in explaining the goal and theme of work. So, without soft skills, it’s almost impossible to emerge as a leader in a team.

SLA Soft Skill Training
As a leading employment exchange company, SLA has understood the need for soft skills very well. That's why they have designed their IT training courses with excellent soft skill training. In addition to that there are other highlights of SLA courses like attitude training, aptitude training, internship training and assured placements.

How to Get a Desktop Support Engineer Job in Chennai?

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          Securing a job in an IT company is not difficult anymore! India's first private employment exchange company called “SLA” is now offering world class IT training courses at affordable cost. Exclusive IT courses and placements are available in SLA for getting a desktop support engineer job in a leading IT company. SLA training institute is not only focused on technical training alone, it combines all the required skills for an IT candidate such as soft skills, aptitude and attitude training in one certification course.

            Desktop Support Engineer is one of the challenging and interesting IT profession which requires excellent knowledge on registry, permissions, driver software, operating system (OS) and hardware devices. Thus it needs complete practical training on all the essential concepts to become an eligible desktop support engineer.

The following course from SLA is a best choice for those who want to become desktop support engineer

SCIM (SLA Certified Infrastructure Management) Course

Topics Covered:

SCIM Course Variant 1          -            A+, N+ & CCNA
SCIM Course Variant 2          -           A+, N+ & MCSE

The course covers all the topics ranging from basic concepts to advanced concepts about hardware architecture, Bios information, MS - Dos commands, advanced topics on OS, network and other essential topics. Each topic is taught with clear explanations and practical training. At the successful completion of this course, trainees are eligible for an assured placement support through unlimited interview opportunities.

Contact Information:
SLA Institute for IT Training
Phone: +9144 42005050
Mobile: +91 9677012733

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