Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Career Oriented Training Program + Softskills/Interview Skills Training in SLA Chennai

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A fresher dreams each night to grab the best package in his friend circle, or probably a big company name. But can all this be done without a perfect career orientation program? The experts of education industry feel strongly that the new-bees need a handful of guidance with the tips from their experiences. Emphasizing on the same, when a fresher takes a step in the IT sector it becomes essentially important for him/ her to seek an IT career orientation program, this factor would simply help him to understand the importance of each stone and then to pick up the one that could turn in golden opportunities.

It is even noticed that some students who excel in their academic career generally lack behind when it comes to face the interview panel. This doesn’t mean that the students lack behind, rather it is an arrow towards the fact that their confidence level and soft skills need a brush up. Soft skill and interview skills is a USP of SLA, the students who hand in with SLA are confident enough to pick up their career related factors put them in the correct blocks. Further the league of same students is placed in the best companies with the help of placement department of SLA.

SLA placement division has tie-ups with more than a 1000 corporates and 250+ MNCs. So, it is easy to get a job with the help of SLA placement division. So think of an advanced step push in the entrance of SLA. Visit SLA Career Oriented Training Programs or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.