Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ways to React to Negative Feedback - SLA Jobs Chennai Complaints/Feedbacks/Testimonials

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Many people react defensively to negative feedback. But getting defensive is not the best method.
Before you explain, defend or offer to fix your work, it’s essential that you understand exactly what the other person doesn't like about it. This is not easy, given that they may not express their initial reaction very clearly or constructively.

Before you can have any meaningful discussion, you need to clarify what they are talking about. You can do this by asking questions:

“What exactly don’t you like?”
“Can you give me an example?”
“Can you point to the bit you don’t like?”
“Is it the font itself or the size of the text that’s the problem?”
“Are you saying you don’t like the story, or the way it’s being told?”

At this stage your goal is to understand (and help them to articulate) their criteria for judgment, and how exactly (in their opinion) the work fails to meet these criteria. You are not agreeing with them, just clarifying what they mean.

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