Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Server Support Hardware - SLA PC Engineering CompTIA A+ Hardware Certification Courses in Chennai

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Different cabinets such as server rack, rack cabinet, and server cabinet are used to hold different computer servers. The servers can belong to companies such as Pro, Mac, HP Pro, and Dell. The racks help in holding the servers in the right position when the cables are connected.

Server Racks have an exhaust fan to reduce the heat in the system. Server racks are also made of water proof material. The server rack makes it easier for the system to be connected to the internet.

Server Cabinets protect the server from any damage. They fully cover the computers and so prevent the servers from breaking down. If the server is destroyed then all the files, data, and information in the server will be lost. That is why server cabinets are needed to protect the servers.

Rack Cabinets come in different sizes and shapes to hold different types of computers and servers. Apart from the servers, the rack cabinets can also hold monitors, network switches, and different electronic connections. The weight of the rack cabinet is between 11 to 16 kg. The mounting height is around 19 inches.

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