Friday, 13 September 2013

Methods to Solve a Quantitative Aptitude Problem - SLA Aptitude Training Program/Courses in Chennai

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Direct method: You may also call it "The Conventional Method" of solving questions. We can solve the question based on the information given by applying the formula.

Substitution method: This method is useful in solving problems related to algebra. A few values in the question given can be swapped with the other values to get the answer.

'Elimination' method: This is considered to be the most effective one as far as apitude questions are concerned. Options give some inkling of the answer and through expertise gained by regular practice you can easily tackle the questions.

'Observation' method: In this method, a repeat pattern can be observed and answer can be formalized accordingly.

Simultaneous method: Two methods can go concurrently. First half of the questions can be done using direct method and when the picture becomes clear, elimination procedure can be used.

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