Saturday, 28 September 2013

Latest Technologies in .NET - SLA Certified DotNet Professional Employment Training Program in Chennai

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.NET is a product of Microsoft technologies. .NET is mainly used to create applications that are business oriented. This is useful to create business oriented applications. Many new concepts have been added to the existing .NET platform. The various enhancements are in the areas of WCF Services, Generics , Windows presentation foundation(WPF), Language integrated query(LINQ), and Work Flow (WF)

Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) employs a service oriented architecture. A service has a lot of service operations. These service operations are exposed at few endpoints.  The endpoints provides details for contacting and availing the service.

The Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF)is a UI framework. Using WPF you can enrich the user experience when they use your applications. WPF allows you to combine UI, 3D and 2D graphics within one framework.

WF: You can bring in work flow to any Windows Forms application, ASP.NET Web site,  or Windows Service.

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