Monday, 30 September 2013

Get to Know about "Internationally Certified SLA Employment IT Training Programs/Courses" in Chennai

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When a student walks into SLA he/she is presented with a Internationally Certified Employment IT Training Programs/Courses. These courses are in both hardware and software domain. Usually, diploma holders opt for hardware courses and degree holders choose software courses. But there is no hard-and-fast rule about who does which course. Anybody who has the passion and interest to do a course and join SLA for training.

SLA offers A+, N+, CCNA, MCSE, and MCSM courses in hardware and networking. SLA offers software training in .NET technologies. The courses at SLA are job-oriented and help the student to get a job. SLA conducts a lot of mock interviews and assessments to check the knowledge of the students. They also train students on aptitude and soft skills. The real-time project experience is the USP of SLA.

SLA IT Employment Training Company has 20 years of experience in the training industry. SLA is also ISO 9001:2008 certified. SLA is Directorate General of Employment Training (DGET) approved.

SLA offers placement assistance to all its students. The students are sent to unlimited number of interviews till they get a job. SLA has tie-ups with more than 1000 corporates and over 250 MNCs.

You can contact SLA IT Employment Training Company and for more details dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Learn Techniques & Tips on Aptitude Tests – SLA Aptitude Skills Training Program in Chennai

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Let us look at a common aptitude query. There is a 4-character code, with 2 of them being letters and the other 2 are numbers. What will be the maximum number of attempts to arrive at the correct code if the code is case-sensitive.

Answer – 16,22,400 is the the maximum number of attempts needed.

Solution Analysis : There are 52 possible letters, a-z and A-Z, and 10 possible numbers 0-9. The 4 characters 2 letters and 2 numbers can be selected in 52*52*10 *10 ways. These 4 characters can be arranged in 4C2, 1.e six different ways. The number of unique patterns that can be formed by lining up 4 objects of which 2 are distinguished one way (i.e. they must be letters) and the other 2 are distinguished in one way (I.e they must be letters) and the other 2 are distinguished another way (I.e they must be numbers).

At SLA IT Employment Training Company they train you in technical and aptitudes skills. For more details visit SLA Aptitude Skills Training Program in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Latest Technologies in .NET - SLA Certified DotNet Professional Employment Training Program in Chennai

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.NET is a product of Microsoft technologies. .NET is mainly used to create applications that are business oriented. This is useful to create business oriented applications. Many new concepts have been added to the existing .NET platform. The various enhancements are in the areas of WCF Services, Generics , Windows presentation foundation(WPF), Language integrated query(LINQ), and Work Flow (WF)

Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) employs a service oriented architecture. A service has a lot of service operations. These service operations are exposed at few endpoints.  The endpoints provides details for contacting and availing the service.

The Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF)is a UI framework. Using WPF you can enrich the user experience when they use your applications. WPF allows you to combine UI, 3D and 2D graphics within one framework.

WF: You can bring in work flow to any Windows Forms application, ASP.NET Web site,  or Windows Service.

SLA IT Employment Training Company teaches you the latest stuff in .NET Program/Courses/Training. You can contact SLA IT Employment Training Company and for more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

How to Utilize Your Time While Searching for a Job? - SLA IT Employment Training Company Chennai

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Once you finish college you must be having time-on-hand. Suppose you were not placed in a campus interview, you will be thinking of ways to get a job. Say you went to few job interviews and still have not got a job. Instead of blindly going to interviews, you can think of a place that will train you and also help to place you in a job.

If you think of getting trained in IT languages you should think which language or technology will fetch you a job. Instead of doing any course, you need to do a job-oriented course. These days .NET platform and programming language helps you to immediately fetch a job.

If you get a certification in hardware and networking, then with the certification you can very easily get a job. There are lot of certifications in hardware and networking such as A+, N+, CCNA, MCSE, and MCSM. Now what if you have technical skills but not able to clear your aptitude exams? So, you need to get trained in quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. You should also polish your soft skills before you appear for the interview.

Which IT Training institute in Chennai can help you in your job search and give you wholistic training when you are waiting for a job? SLA IT Employment Training Company can help you set your career on a right path. You can contact SLA IT Employment Training Company and for more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Why SLA trains as per TAPASI? - Technical/Aptitude/Placement/Attitude/SoftSkills/Real-Time Project Internship in Chennai

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SLA trains students not only in technical skills, but also in other skills that corporates look for. For example, SLA trains based on the acronym TAPASI.

The expansion of the acronym TAPASI is

T – Technical

A – Aptitude

P – Placement

A – Attitude

S – Soft Skills

I – real-time project Internship

This all-round training is given because just technical skills are not sufficient to succeed in a job. It has been found that people in management or leadership positions spend 99% of their time in communication. When such a large quantity of time is spent in non-technical skills, it is good to be trained on such skills.

You can contact SLA IT Employment Training Company and for more details visit SLA Technical/Aptitude/Placement/Attitude/SoftSkills/Real-Time Project Internship in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Cisco CCNA Exam Certification Library - SLA CCNA Certification Program Training in Chennai

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The CCNA exam is one of the very much in demand Cisco certifications in the market. Now few changes have been made in the Cisco certification.

  • The CCNA certification is now known as CCNA Routing & Switching. To appear for this exam you must have cleared CCENT.
  • To appear for and clear the CCNA – Voice, security, wireless and CCDA exams, the CCENT certification is sufficient.
  • The new additions are IPv6 Support, IOS v15, IOS licensing, and a simple 802.1x security implementation.
  • The current ICND1 (640-822), ICND2 (640-816) and CCNA (640-802) exams will expire on September 30, 2013. You can combine old and new exams until September 30th—ICND1 (640-822 or 100-101) and ICND2 (640-816 or 200-101).
  • You can get the official notes for Cisco exams from Ciso Press. Cisco Press has a lot of self-study resources such as books, eBooks, video training, practice tests, value-priced libraries, and simulator software.
  • For more information visit the Cisco Press information,
SLA IT Employment Training company offers excellent training for CCNA exams. For more details visit SLA CCNA Certification Program Training in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Server Support Hardware - SLA PC Engineering CompTIA A+ Hardware Certification Courses in Chennai

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Different cabinets such as server rack, rack cabinet, and server cabinet are used to hold different computer servers. The servers can belong to companies such as Pro, Mac, HP Pro, and Dell. The racks help in holding the servers in the right position when the cables are connected.

Server Racks have an exhaust fan to reduce the heat in the system. Server racks are also made of water proof material. The server rack makes it easier for the system to be connected to the internet.

Server Cabinets protect the server from any damage. They fully cover the computers and so prevent the servers from breaking down. If the server is destroyed then all the files, data, and information in the server will be lost. That is why server cabinets are needed to protect the servers.

Rack Cabinets come in different sizes and shapes to hold different types of computers and servers. Apart from the servers, the rack cabinets can also hold monitors, network switches, and different electronic connections. The weight of the rack cabinet is between 11 to 16 kg. The mounting height is around 19 inches.

For more details about server support hardware, you can join a course at SLA IT Employment Training Company. SLA guides students to get a CompTIA A+ certification in hardware. For more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

.NET FAQs - SLA Certified DotNet Professional Employment Training Program

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What are Web Services?

Server-side applications expose the functions of web services. Web Services are programmable units that can be accessed over the internet by other applications.

How to Manage a Session in .NET?

In ASP.NET sessions can be managed in three different ways.

InProc – In memory of the ASP.NET worker processing, the session state is stored locally

StateServer – Session state is managed by windows service and is stored outside ASP.NET worker process. The stateConnectionString attribute specifies the location of this service.

SQLServer – The SQL Server Database holds the Session ate stored outside ASP.NET. The sqlConnectionString attribute specifies the location of this database.

SLA IT Employment Training company offers excellent training in .NET. For more details visit SLA Certified DotNet Professional Employment Training Program or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ways to React to Negative Feedback - SLA Jobs Chennai Complaints/Feedbacks/Testimonials

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Many people react defensively to negative feedback. But getting defensive is not the best method.
Before you explain, defend or offer to fix your work, it’s essential that you understand exactly what the other person doesn't like about it. This is not easy, given that they may not express their initial reaction very clearly or constructively.

Before you can have any meaningful discussion, you need to clarify what they are talking about. You can do this by asking questions:

“What exactly don’t you like?”
“Can you give me an example?”
“Can you point to the bit you don’t like?”
“Is it the font itself or the size of the text that’s the problem?”
“Are you saying you don’t like the story, or the way it’s being told?”

At this stage your goal is to understand (and help them to articulate) their criteria for judgment, and how exactly (in their opinion) the work fails to meet these criteria. You are not agreeing with them, just clarifying what they mean.

At work, you need to face several situations. You need adequate people skills to solve the problem. Knowing the importance of soft skills, SLA IT Employment Training Company teaches their students work skills. For more details visit SLA Jobs Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Software Defined Networking (SDN) - SLA Networking Course & Training in Chennai

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A new report from analyst firm Transparency Market Research predicts the global market for software-defined networking (SDN) will reach more than $3.5 billion by 2018. 

According to the report, the SDN market is driven primarily by the need for efficient infrastructure and mobility, as well as the increasing demand for cloud services. "Nowadays, many organizations are storing, computing and networking through cloud-based infrastructure. They are doing this for more agility, flexibility, manageability and programmability in their network infrastructure," the firm said in a prepared statement.
The report breaks out four categories of SDN technologies: SDN switching, SDN controllers, cloud provisioning and orchestration, and security and services. 

Cloud provisioning and orchestration dominates the global SDN market and also is expected to be the fastest growing area as it helps to design, optimize, secure and monitor the network, according to the research firm. SDN switching had the second largest revenue share of the SDN market in 2012. The firm forecasts an overall compound annual growth rate for the SDN market of 61.5% from 2012 to 2018.
According to the report, enterprises accounted for more than 35% of end users in the SDN market in 2012 due to their growing need for agility, cost efficiency and flexibility in network infrastructure. In the coming years, cloud service providers will be the fastest growing segment of end users, the report predicts. 

Leading vendors in the SDN market includes Cisco, IBM, NEC, and Juniper Networks, the firm said.
At SLA IT Employment Training Company, we know the importance of keeping pace with latest technology. So, we teach our students the latest trends. For more details visit SLA Networking Course & Training in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cisco's new Network Processor - SLA CISCO CCNA Certified Training Courses in Chennai

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Cisco has unveiled the world's most scalable and programmable network processor, uniquely designed to power the Internet of Everything (IoE), as more people, processes, data and things become interconnected. With trillions of advanced "networked events" predicted to come online over the next decade, the Cisco® nPower™ integrated network processor delivers new levels of performance and bandwidth, as well as programmable control using open APIs and advanced compute capabilities.

The nPower X1, which incorporates over 50 patents, features the following advancements in network processing:
  • First true 400 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) throughput from a single chip, to enable multi-terabit network performance. All packet processing, traffic management and input/output functions are integrated on a single nPower X1 and operate at high performance and scale.
  • Highest-performing programmable control designed to seamlessly handle hundreds of millions of unique transactions per second. The nPower's industry-leading processing architecture is purpose built for machine-driven events and ultra-high-definition video applications.
  • With 4 billion transistors on a single chip, the nPower X1 implementation achieves unprecedented levels of performance, functionality, programmability, and scale for a network processor.
  • Enables solutions with eight times the throughput and one quarter the power per bit compared with Cisco's previous industry-leading network processor.
To know more about latest developments in the networking field you can enroll at SLA IT Employment Training Company. For more details visit SLA CISCO CCNA Certified Training Courses in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Salary Negotiations during Interview - Interview Skills Training Program in SLA Chennai

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Discussing compensation is one of the more delicate parts of the job interview process. You might be asked what your salary requirements are, and freeze. Or you could be offered your dream job, but with a nightmare salary. 
You should not ask the interviewer the salary for the job profile. If you give this response to the "what are your salary requirements" question, you'll likely lower their offer before it's even made. In the same way that you can attempt to fudge your number when asked how much you currently make, your future potential employer may bend the numbers to their advantage when discussing the standard salary. You could also come off as lazy. You need to research a bit about the current salary ranges the industry pays for the position you asked for. You can refer to websites such as or to research and find out about current salary ranges for the post you are applying for. 

Be flexible in your salary choice. But if the recruiter is not willing to increase their offer, then you can ask if they will give bonus or stock options every year. You can quote the specific and measurable ways by which you brought about increased sales, new clients, and other achievements at your previous companies. This will help you in salary bargain. Use words like "we," to describe the salary offer discrepancy and avoid talking about yourself -- that you need more money for clothes or an apartment, for instance.
SLA IT Employment training company helps their students to prepare well for their interview. For more details visit SLA - Job/Interview Skills Training in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Methods to Solve a Quantitative Aptitude Problem - SLA Aptitude Training Program/Courses in Chennai

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Direct method: You may also call it "The Conventional Method" of solving questions. We can solve the question based on the information given by applying the formula.

Substitution method: This method is useful in solving problems related to algebra. A few values in the question given can be swapped with the other values to get the answer.

'Elimination' method: This is considered to be the most effective one as far as apitude questions are concerned. Options give some inkling of the answer and through expertise gained by regular practice you can easily tackle the questions.

'Observation' method: In this method, a repeat pattern can be observed and answer can be formalized accordingly.

Simultaneous method: Two methods can go concurrently. First half of the questions can be done using direct method and when the picture becomes clear, elimination procedure can be used.

At SLA IT Employment Training Company we are aware of the various methods to solve aptitude problems – so we teach all the students the same. For more details visit SLA Aptitude Training Program/Courses in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Resume, How to make it more attractive? - Interview Skills Training in Chennai

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When it comes to your resume, the devil is quite often in the details. Recruiters get annoyed by small things that you may not think of—like whether or not the text on your cover letter and resume is the same font and size (it should be), if your margins are off (makes it tricky for us to print), or to whom you’ve addressed the cover letter (it should be the recruiter’s name, not “sir,” “madam,” or “to whom it may concern”).

They’ll also take note if you don’t include everything the job posting asks you to send. A cover letter and resume? What about work or writing samples? Be sure to include everything that’s asked of you. Also, does the job posting refer to the position as Project Manager II? If so, state that in your cover letter, exactly—don’t write Proj. Mgr. or Project Manager. Companies put a lot of time into determining job titles, and when a recruiter is looking to fill both the Project Manager and the Project Manager II positions, any ambiguousness from you will make it harder for them.

If there is even one spelling mistake you may be out. Proofreading your own resume is a must, but don’t rely on spell check and grammar check alone—ask family or friends to take a look at it for you. You must always have several eyes look at your resume.

Applying for a job can often feel like a huge challenge, and knowing that there are so many applicants out there can be daunting. But if you follow these simple rules, you’ll make sure your resume get past the first hurdle: the trash can. Better yet, if you tailor your resume and make sure it’s a fit to the company and job, you’ll definitely increase your chances of getting to the top of the pile.

SLA IT Employment Company trains students on technical skills and also interview skills. Grooming and resume writing come as a part of the complete training at SLA. For more details visit SLA Employment/Interview Skills Training Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How much is a Billion? - Numerical Reasoning Test & Aptitude Training in SLA Chennai

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Time and time again a little niggle arises in some of the psychometric numerical reasoning questions that causes a little doubt for some people.

What is a billion? How many zeroes are there in a billion? The short answer to the question in the title is, ‘it all depends on where you live.’

Geographical relativism is alive and kicking. The trouble here is that some countries have adopted what is sometimes called a ‘short scale’ billion which is a thousand times a million or 10^9 in size.

At the same time, other countries have adopted a ‘long scale’ billion which is a million times a million or 10^12 in size. Most English-speaking countries tend to use the short scale billion and most of Europe tends to use the long scale billion.

Britain used to be in line with Europe but officially changed to the short scale billion in the 1970s. Apparently, the French developed both the systems. In India, one billion is represented by 10 ^ 9.

It is good to know and sometimes must to know the different representations of Billion while solving a numerical reasoning test. Most companies test you on both aptitude as well as technical skills. So, SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai trains its students in aptitude skills. For more details visit SLA Aptitude Training Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Degaussing Computer Performance - PC Engineering Courses Training in SLA Chennai

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Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating a remnant magnetic field. It is possibly named after the Gauss unit of magnetism, which in turn is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss

Degaussing a computer monitor clears electromagnetic buildup from the screen. Although it is hardly ever necessary, degaussing can sometimes slightly improve picture quality.

Ways to Degauss Your Computer Monitor:
  • Simply turn the monitor off and turn it back on. Most modern monitors degauss themselves automatically each time they are powered on. When the monitor is turned on, you should hear a distinctive "dwoing" sound. If you hear no sound when you turn the unit on, it may not degauss itself automatically. If that is the case, proceed to the next step.
  • Look for a button labeled DEGAUSS. This may be combined on an EXIT button. Otherwise, locate the menu button on the front of the monitor.
  • Bring up the on-screen menu, locate the degauss option (the ohm icon), and select it. You should now hear the degaussing noise, and the screen will probably display a brief burst of color.
There are many other processes to be followed when you work with computer hardware. To know all the methods it will be good if you can attend a hardware course. SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai conducts hardware courses. For more details visit SLA PC Engineering Course Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Questions You Can Ask the Employer - Technical Soft Skills Training in SLA Chennai

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During an interview, it is not necessary that only the interviewer can ask questions. You as a candidate can also ask few questions about the job and company. So, your interview becomes a two-way communication process.

Here are samples of few questions you can ask the interview:
  • What does an average day look like for someone in this position?
  • What are the tactical and strategic goals of the firm and the department?
  • In what ways does this company give back to the community?
  • Describe the ideal employee for this position.
  • How long is the training process. How will I know if I'm doing the best job I can?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?
  • I am really interested about your job opening, what's the next step and when can I expect your hiring decision. This question is just to find out the urgency so that you can have other options. Remember not to ask the salary or benefits.
  • What qualities, approach, or temperament would you like to see in me if I am to be your ideal employee?
To groom you more on attending interviews, SLA conducts specialized training. SLA IT Employment Training Company offers soft skills free along with technical skills. For more details visit SLA Technical Soft Skill Training in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Subnet Mask - Computer Network Training Program in SLA Chennai

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Subnet Mask is an important component of all networking. Subnet Mask is a common subject that has to be learnt for all networking certifications such as MCSA, CCNA, and N+.

Subnet Mask, a short form of subnetwork mask, a subnet mask, subnet, or subnetting is a method of dividing a network of IP addresses into groups. Subnetting allows each computer or networking device in its own subnet to communicate with each other and still allow communication between subnets by routing the traffic through the network router. By dividing a network into subnets, it can improve network security and keep overall network traffic balanced. A common example of a subnet mask for class C IP addresses is and is the default subnet mask for many computers and network routers.

If you have the job of creating subnets for an organization (an activity called subnetting) and specifying subnet masks, your job may be simple or complicated depending on the size and complexity of your organization and other factors.

The first subnet obtained from subnetting has all bits in the subnet bit group set to zero (0). It is therefore called subnet zero.The last subnet obtained from subnetting has all bits in the subnet bit group set to one. It is therefore called the all-ones subnet.

Networking is an interesting subject. If you are curious to know more about networking, you can join a networking course. SLA IT Employment Training Company conducts networking courses. To know more about our courses walk-in to SLA and meet our counsellors. For more details visit SLAJobs Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Preventive Maintenance of Computers - PC Hardware Engineering Training in SLA Chennai

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Preventive Maintenance of computers include cleaning the computer, hard drive maintenance, and making software updates. There are many materials used for cleaning laptops such as compressed air, mild cleaning solution, cotton swabs and soft lint-free cleaning cloth.

The Exterior case, cooling vents, I/O ports, display, and keyboards should be cleaned every month. Disk cleanup and Disk defragmenter must be done as part of software maintenance.

To run disk cleanup for a XP Operating System use : Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup -select files to delete and click ok.

To Run Disk Cleanup Vista:

Select the hard drive that you want to clean
Right click and choose properties
On the general tab click disk cleanup
Choose which files to cleanup - my files only or files from all users on this computer - mark files to delete and press ok

To run Disk Defragmenter:

Select the hard drive you want to clean
Right click and choose properties
On the tools tab click defragment now in Vista you must click continue

There are many such methods to maintain the computers. To learn about the many methods you can do a course on hardware at SLA IT Employment Training Company. For more details visit SLA Chennai - Computer Hardware Training or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

NetBIOS Network - Computer Networking Certification Training in Chennai

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NetBIOS stands for "Network Basic Input/Output System." NetBIOS was introduced in 1983 by IBM as an improvement to the standard BIOS used by Windows-based computers. The BIOS provides an interface between computer's operation and hardware. As the name implies, NetBIOS adds support for networking, including the ability to recognize other devices connected to the network.

NetBIOS provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for software developers to use. This API includes network-related functions and commands, which can be incorporated into software programs. For example, a programmer can use a prewritten NetBIOS function to enable a software program to access other devices on a network. This is much easier than writing the networking code from scratch. In other words, NetBIOS prevents programmers from having to "reinvent the wheel" just to get their program to connect to a network.

NetBIOS session service (NBSS) is a method to connect two computers for transmitting large messages or heavy data traffic. Because the NetBIOS session service is involved in traffic generation and forwarding, TCP port 139 is used. The NetBIOS session service is mostly used for printer and file services over a network.
To know more about NetBIOS you can do a course in hardware and networking. SLA IT Employment company conducts Network training that can lead to an N+ certification. For more details visit SLA Chennai - Networking Certification Training or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Route Summarization - Cisco CCNA Examination/Certification Training Courses in SLA Chennai

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Route Summarization, or supernetting, is needed to reduce the number of routes that a router advertises to it neighbour. Remember that for every route you advertize, the size of your update grows. It has been said that if there was no route summarization, the internet backbone would have collapsed from the sheer size of its own routing tables in 1997.

Routing updates, whether done with a distance vector or link-state protocol, grow with the number of routes you need to advertize. In simple terms, a router that needs to advertize ten routes needs ten specific lines in its update packet. The more routes you have to advertize, the bigger the packet. The bigger the packet, the more bandwidth the update takes, reducing the bandwidth available to transfer data. But with route summarization, you can advertise many routes with only one line in an update packet. This reduces the size of the update, allowing you more bandwidth for data transfer.

Also, when a new data enters a router, the router must do a lookup in its routing table to determine which interface the traffic must be sent out. The larger the routing tables, the longer this takes, leading to more used router CPU cycles to perform the lookup. Therefore, a second reason for route summarization is that you want to minimize the amount of time the router CPU cycles that are used to route traffic.

To clear a CCNA certification, you need to know about route summarization and more. To equip yourself to attend a CCNA exam, you can join SLA IT Employment Training Company. SLA conducts training with internationally certified faculty and state-of-the-art lab. For more details visit SLA Jobs Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Backing Up Data and Creating Restore Points - CompTIA A+ Certification Courses in SLA Chennai

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Data is probably the most important resource your company has. Hardware can be replaced and in most cases people can be too. But if a company loses its data, prospects for success are bleak.

An organization's backup policy dictates what information should be backed up and how it should be backed up. Backup policies also need to set guidelines for information archiving. Many managers and users don't understand the difference between a backup and an archive. A backup is a restorable copy of any set of data that is needed on the system. An archive is any collection of data that is removed from the system because it's no longer needed on a regular basis.

Along with making the backup, you also need to consider who can get to the backup. If data is valuable enough to spend the resources required to back it up, it is clearly important enough to protect carefully. As a backup, all of your company's data is in an easily transported form and should be protected from access by those who should not see it.

If you want to know more ways to protect data, then you should do a course in CompTIA A+ certification. There are very few institutes in Chennai that prepare you for an A+ certification. SLA IT Employment Training Company is one such institute. For more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cisco CCNA Certification Classroom Training Institute in SLA Chennai

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Certification exams go through a lot of changes to keep up with the current networking trends, new hardware, and software. The CCNA certification from Cisco has gone through few modifications.

Few topics have been removed from the CCNA exams and they include: Enabling RIP (has been replaced by OSPF) , Configuring serial encapsulation , Using Cisco SDM , The challenges of shared LANS and how to solve them with switches, and Wireless LANs.
To make up for the cut down topics, some new topics have been addded. The new topics include configuring IPv6 routing, implementing VLANs, introducing basic IPv6, network address translation, and port address translation. If you feel that the new CCNA exam will be very challenging, you can take up 640-802 CCNA exam. But you can take this exam only before the 30th of September 2013. While CCNA 1.1 still gives you a good standing, the new version makes your credentials even more marketable as the certification is very much respected.

To keep up with the constant changes in the certification industry, SLA IT Employment Training Company keeps changing its certification course syllabus. The syllabus is approved by industry experts. So, if you want to learn from the leaders of IT certification, you can think of SLA IT Employment Training Company. For more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.