Saturday, 24 August 2013

Wireless Access Protocol - Networking Training Courses Institute in Chennai

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You would have heard the term wireless technology very often. Wireless technology is the talk of the day. The WAP is the technology designed for use with wireless devices. Many manufacturers, including Mototola, Nokia, and others have adopted WAP as a standard. WAP functions are equivalent to TCP/IP functions in that they are trying to serve the same purpose for wireless devices. WAP uses a smaller version of HTML called Wireless Markup Language (WML), which is used for internet displays. WAP-enabled devices can also respond to scripts using an environment called WMLScript. This scripting language is similar to JavaScript, which is a programming language.

The ability to accept web pages and scripts produces the opportunity for malicious code and viruses to be transported to WAP-enabled devices. This creates a new set of problems, and antivirus software must be able to deal with them.

WAP systems communicate using a WAP gateway system. The gateway converts information back and forth between HTTP and WAP, and it also encodes and decodes the security protocols. This structure provides a reasonable assurance that WAP-enabled devices can be secured. If the interconnection between the WAP server and the Internet isn't encrypted, packets between the devices may be intercepted, creating a potential vulnerability. This vulnerability is called a gap in the WAP.

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