Saturday, 31 August 2013

What is Dynamic Disk and Dynamic Volume? - Microsoft Certified System Administration (MCSA) Training in SLA Chennai

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Dynamic disks for memory can be divided into many volumes. Dynamic volumes can be made up of areas of disk space on more than one disk.

Simple Volume – A Simple Volume can contain disk space from a single disk and can be extended if necessary.

Spanned Volume – A spanned volume can contain disk space from 2 or more(upto a maximum of 32) disks. The amount of disk space from each disk can vary. You will most often use spanned volumes when a simple volume is running low on disk space and you need to extend the volume by using space on another hard disk. You can continue to extend spanned volumes to include areas from additional hard disks as necessary. When Windows writes data to a spanned volume, it writes data to the area on the first disk until the area is filled, and then writes to the area on the second disk, and so on. There is no fault tolerance in spanned volumes. If any of the disks containing the spanned volume fail, you lose all data in the entire spanned volume.

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