Monday, 26 August 2013

How to Speed Up a Slow Computer? - Comptia Certified A+ Course in SLA Chennai

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Sometimes computers may take a long time to boot. Or a program may take a lot of time to start. This may be due to the invasion of virus or malware into your system.

But, how and why does a virus or malware enter your system? At times, the computer will prompt you for an operating system upgrade. But you may ignore it thinking that your memory space will reduce. At other times, the anti-virus software you have may prompt you to upgrade. But you may ignore that too.

But you may be visiting some unauthorized site and download music or videos. This may lead to Trojan horses entering your system. Once one Trojan horse enters it makes way for other Trojan horses to follow suit.

To avoid this scenario, we need to upgrade and update our system with latest software. If you had removed your firewall to perform a specific operation, then you should again put up the firewall to protect your system.

There are many such precautions that have to be taken while working with a computer. To know all the precautions you need to do a course in hardware maintenance. One way of proving your expertise in the hardware area is to have an A+ certification. SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai trains students to get an A+ certification. Drop in at SLA for a free career counselling. For more details visit SLA - Comptia Certified A+ Course in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.