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What is Dynamic Disk and Dynamic Volume? - Microsoft Certified System Administration (MCSA) Training in SLA Chennai

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Dynamic disks for memory can be divided into many volumes. Dynamic volumes can be made up of areas of disk space on more than one disk.

Simple Volume – A Simple Volume can contain disk space from a single disk and can be extended if necessary.

Spanned Volume – A spanned volume can contain disk space from 2 or more(upto a maximum of 32) disks. The amount of disk space from each disk can vary. You will most often use spanned volumes when a simple volume is running low on disk space and you need to extend the volume by using space on another hard disk. You can continue to extend spanned volumes to include areas from additional hard disks as necessary. When Windows writes data to a spanned volume, it writes data to the area on the first disk until the area is filled, and then writes to the area on the second disk, and so on. There is no fault tolerance in spanned volumes. If any of the disks containing the spanned volume fail, you lose all data in the entire spanned volume.

For more information on managing memory and network, you need to do a MCSA course. SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai conducts courses in MCSA. For more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Hot/Cold/Warm Swappable Devices - Comptia A+ PC Engineering Courses in SLA Chennai Complaints

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Suppose you buy a new device. You must connect it to the computer either with power ON or power OFF. Each device has a different power supply need and will be recognized only if connected in the proper format.  Let us look at few devices and how we need to connect them.

Many of the removable storage devices are hot swappable. This means that you can insert and remove the device with the system powered on. Most USB-attached devices without a file system fall into this category. On the other hand, non-hot-swappable devices either cannot have the system's power applied when inserting or removing them or they have some sort of additional conditions for their insertion or removal.

One subset is occasionally referred to as cold-swappable, the other as warm swappable. Cold-swappable devices must have the system power off before you can insert or remove them. An example of a cold-swappable device is anything connected to the PS/2-stylemini- DIN connector, such as a keyboard or mouse. Insertion with the power ON generally results in lack of recognition for the device and might damage the motherboard. AT keyboards and the full-sized DIN connector have the same restriction.

Warm-swappable devices include USB thumb drives and external drives that have a file system.Windows and other operating systems tend to leave files open while accessing them and write cached changes to them at a later time, based on the algorithm is use by the software. Removing such a device without using Safely Remove Hardware utility can result in data loss. However, after stopping the device with the utility, you can remove it without powering down the system, hence the “warm” component of the category's name.

If you would like to learn more about hardware and how they can be connected or disconnected, you can join a course for a CompTIA A+ certification. Institutes such as SLA IT Employment Training Company offer instructor-led courses in A+. For more details, visit SLA A+ Certification in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Blue Screen of Death - Computer Hardware Training Course in SLA Chennai

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Computers are part and parcel of every household. If you have a computer, you would have experienced atleast minor problems with your computer. But sometimes the situation become bad and your system crashes. This is called as Blue Screen of Death or BSOD. 
Sometimes, you may have important work or deadline, but your system crashes at that time. But you need to find out the reason why your computer crashes. Most of the time, system crashes is due to a corrupt registry or a virus attack. A corrupt registry occurs when we add or remove applications and programs periodically in our systems. When this adding or removing is not done properly, data and files become corrupted. 
One more reason for system crash is lack of space in the hard disk. If you play games or complex applications, a very large part of your hard disk space is taken up. So, when you run multiple applications, there is not enough memory space and the system crashes. Here is also a possibility of a data loss. If there is a mismatch between the device drivers added and the devices also there is a possibility of a crash. 
So, how do we avoid system crashes? We can avoid system crashes if we use registry cleaners regularly.
You must be eager to know more about system crashes, and also to know other effective methods of maintaining a good computer. You can join a training institute that covers the subject of computer maintenance in depth. SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai conducts system and hardware maintenance courses that can lead to a A+ certification. Drop in at SLA for a free career counselling. For more details visit SLA A+ Training in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

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How to Speed Up a Slow Computer? - Comptia Certified A+ Course in SLA Chennai

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Sometimes computers may take a long time to boot. Or a program may take a lot of time to start. This may be due to the invasion of virus or malware into your system.

But, how and why does a virus or malware enter your system? At times, the computer will prompt you for an operating system upgrade. But you may ignore it thinking that your memory space will reduce. At other times, the anti-virus software you have may prompt you to upgrade. But you may ignore that too.

But you may be visiting some unauthorized site and download music or videos. This may lead to Trojan horses entering your system. Once one Trojan horse enters it makes way for other Trojan horses to follow suit.

To avoid this scenario, we need to upgrade and update our system with latest software. If you had removed your firewall to perform a specific operation, then you should again put up the firewall to protect your system.

There are many such precautions that have to be taken while working with a computer. To know all the precautions you need to do a course in hardware maintenance. One way of proving your expertise in the hardware area is to have an A+ certification. SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai trains students to get an A+ certification. Drop in at SLA for a free career counselling. For more details visit SLA - Comptia Certified A+ Course in Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

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Wireless Access Protocol - Networking Training Courses Institute in Chennai

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You would have heard the term wireless technology very often. Wireless technology is the talk of the day. The WAP is the technology designed for use with wireless devices. Many manufacturers, including Mototola, Nokia, and others have adopted WAP as a standard. WAP functions are equivalent to TCP/IP functions in that they are trying to serve the same purpose for wireless devices. WAP uses a smaller version of HTML called Wireless Markup Language (WML), which is used for internet displays. WAP-enabled devices can also respond to scripts using an environment called WMLScript. This scripting language is similar to JavaScript, which is a programming language.

The ability to accept web pages and scripts produces the opportunity for malicious code and viruses to be transported to WAP-enabled devices. This creates a new set of problems, and antivirus software must be able to deal with them.

WAP systems communicate using a WAP gateway system. The gateway converts information back and forth between HTTP and WAP, and it also encodes and decodes the security protocols. This structure provides a reasonable assurance that WAP-enabled devices can be secured. If the interconnection between the WAP server and the Internet isn't encrypted, packets between the devices may be intercepted, creating a potential vulnerability. This vulnerability is called a gap in the WAP.

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Stored Procedures - Dot Net Training Classes with Internship & Placement in Chennai

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Do you have a set of tasks that are repeatedly performed in your programs?. Procedures are one way of executing repeated tasks with different parameters. Functions and procedures are called upon to do a specific task. A procedure may perform a simple task or even a complex task.

A stored procedure is a group of Transact-SQL statements compiled into a single execution plan. Stored procedures return data in fourways:

  • Output parameters, which can return either data(such as an integer or character value) or a cursor variable( cursors are result sets that can be retreived one row at a time)
  • Return codes, which are always an integer value.
  • A result set for each SELECT statement contained in the stored procedure or any other stored procedures called by the stored procedure.
  • A global cursor that can be referenced outside the stored procedure.


Create procedure procName





To execute the stored procedure we have to use exec command, EXEC procName.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Path Ping Utility - Microsoft Network Infrastructure Course in Chennai

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The Pathping utility generates information about network performance and problems that result in packet loss. It also is able to pinpoint exactly where the network slowness or packet loss is occurring, making it an ideal tool for the crucial task of assessing fault.

Pathping, like tracert, is also essentially a ping with some modifiers. It sends multiple Echo Request Messages to each router between a source and destination over a period of time, and then computes results based on the Echo Reply messages returned from each router. In so doing, Pathping performs the equivalent of the tracert command by identifying which routers are on the path. It then sends pings to all the routers over a specified time period and computer statistics based on the number returned from each.

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Networking Certification Courses Training in Chennai

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According to Robert Half Technology, there is great diversity in the skills that are in demand by employers. Among the skills that should see growth in 2013 include:
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Networking
  • Electronic Medical Records Programming
  • Business Mindset
  • Technological Proficiency
  • Security
  • Storage
Networking is an evergreen field and is not affected by recession and other business challenges. There are lot of certifications in networking that will qualify you for a networking job and make you look favorable in the eyes of an employer.

The certifications are A+, N+, MCSA, MCSM, and CCNA. What is the best method for getting a certification? You can join a course in a training institute and dedicate your time fully when you do the course.

SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai conducts networking courses that will lead you to a certification. SLA has a state-of-the-art lab and well qualified and certified faculty. So, SLA will be a right place to start preparing for a networking certification.  

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Best .NET Program/Course Training & Placement Institute in Chennai

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An exception is a problem that arises during the execution of a program. A C# exception is a response to an exceptional circumstance that arises while a program is running, such as an attempt to divide by zero.

Exceptions provide a way to transfer control from one part of a program to another. C# exception handling is built upon four keywords: try, catch, finally, and throw.

Try: A try block identifies a block of code for which particular exceptions will be activated. It's followed by one or more catch blocks.

Catch: A program catches an exception with an exception handler at the place in a program where you want to handle the problem. The catch keyword indicates the catching of an exception.
Finally: It's optional. The finally block is used to execute a given set of statements, whether an exception is thrown or not thrown. For example, if you open a file, it must be closed whether an exception is raised or not.

Throw: A program throws an exception when a problem shows up. This is done using a throw keyword.

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CCNA Certification Trends

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CCNA certification will be most sought after as it is a Cisco product. The demand for people with CCNA certifications is steadily growing from 2010 to 2020. Top countries where CCNA certifications are in need are USA, UK, Canada, China, India, and Japan. The average time to obtain a certification is between 3 to 18 months. This time you spend on learning a certification will be more lucrative than studying a two-year college program. Have a look at the infographic to know the latest trends in CISCO certifications.

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IT Trends - Clouds, Networking, and Hacking

Due to the outburst of cloud solutions and a gamut of devices that ed users use, security and safety of the data and networks is the current IT trend.

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) has been a hot topic for years, and most IT organizations have now come to the conclusion that it is inevitable. As a result, 2013 will be all about enforcing BYOD policies – not just for hardware, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, but also those that span business, security and personal requirements.

As the central networks are secure, hackers will try to attack the network from end users side. The ability for IT organizations to effectively monitor endpoints has improved dramatically. As such, the shift in the year ahead will be toward quickly acting on any vulnerabilities and threats that are uncovered before they impact performance or operations. Automation and remediation will both be critical in enabling this.

It may not be just the end devices, but also the application that the end user uses that will be a point or source of hacking. As a result, robust endpoint management and security will be essential.

In 2013, IT departments will be more proactive as the regulatory landscape becomes clearer and cloud solutions enable them to address and remediate violations easier, faster, and less expensively than before.

Do you want to learn more about IT network security and network maintenance. SLA Employment Training Company in Chennai conducts networking courses in A+, N+, MCSA, and MCSM. Join the networking courses at SLA IT Employment Training Company! For more details visit SLAChennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

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Networking for Beginners - Active Directories Forests and Domains Network Terms

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The primary security boundary for Active Directory is the forest, which contains domain trees. There can be one or more domain trees in a forest, though the first domain is designated as the forest root domain. Domains in Active Directory are identified through their domain name system (DNS) names rather than the NetBIOS naming schema that was prevalent in Windows NT Server 4 and earlier. An example of a DNS domain name is A domain tree can contain multiple domains that share a common namespace.

For example,,,, and are all part of the same domain tree. The domain is a child domain of, the parent domain. Since a forest can contain mutiple domian trees, you could also have a domain tree for in the same forest as the domain tree.

Regardless of the number of domain trees in a forest, there is centralized administration at the forest level with permission to all domain trees. Each forest has an Enterprise Admins group as well as a Schema Admins Group.

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Learning Microsoft .NET Framework Program/Course Training in Chennai

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The .NET Framework has many components. The Common Language Specification is a set of rules that allow languages to interoperate. The Application Class Libraries & Services layer represents the rich set of libraries and APIs created to support virtually all aspects of programming.

Visual Studio .NET is an important part of the .NET Framework because it provides a means for the programmer to access the framework at any level. A programmer can use Visual Studio .NET to write code in many supported managed languages, or he can bypass the CLR altogether and write unmanaged code with Visual Studio .NET.

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Abbreviations that Help You in MCITP Exams - MCITP Program/Course Training Chennai

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Remote Desktop – A utility that allows you to control a computer from a remote location.

Remote User – A user who dials in to the server over modems and telephone lines from a remote location.

Restore Point – A saved snapshot of the Registry and important system and application files that is created using the System Restore utility.

Recovery Agent – A user account that is given the capability to decrypt an encrypted file or folder in case the owner of the resource loses the file encryption certificate that allows decryption.

Recovery Console – A command-line console interface that provides access to the hard disks and a limited set of administrative commands useful for recovering a computer.

Routable Protocol – The protocol that supports multipath LAN-to-LAN communications.

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SLA IT Group Chennai - Info about IT Certifications and Expiry Dates

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Many IT certifications come with an expiry date. This expiry date is very important because in the IT field everyday there are some advancements. So, an IT certificate that you get in 2002 will not be valid in 2012.
However, there are some exceptions to these expiry dates. CompTIA A+ cetifications do not come with an expiry date. Inspite of several developments in computer hardware, the CompTIA A+ certification that was given 10 years back is still valued.
But, is it good or bad to expire certifications given? As the IT industry is fast evolving and even the certification methods are fast changing, there seems to be a genuine need for expiring old certifications. The syllabus for the certification keeps changing and the certification style also keeps changing. So, the validity of the certification should also keep changing.
What is the solution for this problem? Either the person retakes the exam at a specified interval. Or the person earns some points for the old certifications that can be add up to the points for/of the new certification.
Microsoft has stopped the MCSE/MCSA certifications and have moved on to offer MCITP. Keeping in tune with this new trend, SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai offers courses in MCITP that help you to clear the certification exams. If you want to be a part of this wonderful learning experience, join SLA now!  

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FAQs in .NET - SLA Chennai's Best DotNet Training Company

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Frequently asked questions help you to face any interview with confidence. So, you need to keep yourself updated with recently asked questions. 
What is smart navigation?
The cursor position is maintained when the page gets refreshed due to the server side validation and the page gets refreshed. 

What is GAC?
The global assembly cache stores assemblies specifically designated to be shared by several applications on the computer. You should share assemblies by installing them into the global assembly cache only when you need to. Assemblies deployed in the global assembly cache must have a strong name. When an assembly is added to the global assembly cache, integrity checks are performed on all files that make up the assembly. The cache performs these integrity checks to ensure that an assembly has not been tampered with, for example, when a file has changed but the manifest does not reflect the change. Use a developer tool called the Global Assembly Cache tool (Gacutil.exe), provided by the .NET Framework SDK or Use Windows Explorer to drag assemblies into the cache. To install a strong-named assembly into the global assembly cache At the command prompt, type the following command:
gacutil I
In this command, assembly name is the name of the assembly to install in the global assembly cache. 

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SLA Jobs Places Student in HCL Technologies - Compliments/Complaints in Chennai

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Greetings from SLA, India’s First Employment Training Company, Govt. of India Approved!We are happy to inform you that, Our SCIM candidate Mr. Aswat Kumar got placed in "HCL Technologies" - Client of “Futuresoft" as “Desktop Support Engineer” through SLAPlacement Cell.

We would like to thank our SCIM trainers Mr. Parthasarathy, Mr. Nagarajan & Mr. Sathyaraj who helped our students to get placed in a corporate company & also we take this opportunity to appreciate our counselors who has helped them to get a career!!!We wish him the very best for his future endeavors!

Do you also want to be trained on latest technologies and get placed in big companies? Then join SLA now! SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai, coaches freshers in .NET, A+, N+, MCSE, CCNA. This training helps the freshers to get proper employment. If you want to be a part of this wonderful learning experience, join SLA now!  

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SLA IT Employment - Job Opportunities in IT Field Will Reduce by 17%, NASSCOM Reports

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NASSCOM has released a report saying that job opportunities in IT field will reduce to 17% in the year 2013-2014. This translates to 1.5 lakh jobs. In the previous financial year the job opportunity rate and number was 1.8 lakhs.

The rate at which employees change their jobs and also resign from their jobs has reduced by 14%-15%. In the previous year this type of attrition was at the rate of 20%. This reduction in attrition is one reason for reduction in jobs.

On Campus recruitment drive will be only 60%. Now companies are giving importance to leadership skills more than technical skills.

The recruitment of top four IT companies in India has reduced to 60%. This calendar year these companies will be appointing 4,100 new employees. But in the last year they recruited nearly 10,900 candidates.

These new trends in recruitment show that freshers have to be equipped with job-oriented technical skills. Now, .NET and hardware and networking jobs are very much in demand. So, SLA IT Training Company in Chennai conducts courses in .NET, A+, N+, MCITP and CCNA. Apart from these technical skills, SLA also trains students on soft skills that include leadership, team building, and interpersonal skills. So, join SLA now! Get a job soon. 

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SLA Chennai - How to Look for a Job is You are a Fresher?

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The first thing that you have to get ready when you look for a job is a good curriculum vitae. You can discuss with seniors and get ideas and feedback when you frame your first resume. You can also look up job sites that help you build a resume.

Next, you need to contact all your friends and relatives and tell them that you are looking for a job. A reference can sometimes fetch you a job very easily. You can also send them a copy of your updated resume. Also upload your resume in all the famous job portals. You can start applying for jobs through these job portals.

You have to keep a watch for walk-in interviews. You can look for this information in job portals and also leading newspapers.

Have a professional e-mail address. A mail id like is much better than You will be using this mail id to apply for jobs. So, create and use a good e-mail id.

After doing all of the above are you still finding it difficult to get a job? Then you may have to do a job-oriented course. SLA IT Employment Training company offers A+, N+, MCITP, CCNA, and .NET courses for freshers. Apart from tech skills, they also conduct soft skills training. So, the fresher is moulded to get a job. SLA also has a placement division that has tie-ups with more than 1000+ corporates. So, join SLA now! Get a job soon. For more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

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SLA Chennai Teaches Body Language - Interview Soft Skills Training in Chennai

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Body language is how a person communicates with gestures and actions of the body. Research shows that a major portion of our communication is through body language. Our facial gestures can show a smile, frown, unhappiness, surprise, or doubt. The major part of facial gestures are conveyed through eyes and lips.

Apart from the face, the rest of the body also communicates the feelings or states of a person. For example, if the person has arms folded in the front or palms inside the pocket – it shows they are not very open. If hands are free when standing or talking – it shows the person is open to ideas and new people. A harsh or blank facial expression often indicates outright hostility.

Physical expressions like waving, pointing, touching and slouching are all forms of nonverbal communication. The study of body movement and expression is known as kinesics. Humans move their bodies when communicating because, as research has shown, it helps "ease the mental effort when communication is difficult." Even legs and how you place your foot shows something about your behaviour.

At home, we may be relaxed and not give much importance to body language. But at office or business meetings, we need to be careful of our body language and gestures.

At SLA employment training company we train in corporate skills apart from technical skills. So, SLA teaches Body Language as a part of the soft skills training they give to all students. This soft skills training comes at no extra cost. 

So, for a complete training join SLA now! For more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

SLA IT Group - Teaches Winning Attitude Skills Training in Chennai

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1. Winners know that self-esteem is the most important and basic quality of a successful life and all winners have a strong sense of self as their main ingredient.

2. Winners are emotionally healthy individuals with a distinct feeling of personal worth that is cultivated and nurtured to sustain them through good times and bad.

3. Winners achieve and maintain a healthy self-image by simply and objectively seeing where they are now and where they would like to be, and then mapping out a plan by creating short-term and long term goals. And inch by inch, they’re on their way.

4. Winners accept themselves and understand how self-acceptance accounts for a successful and dynamic life. The willingness to be one’s authentic self and live one’s life as it unfolds, accepting all responsibility for the ultimate outcome, is also a major factor in developing a winning personality. And although winners are always seeking some form of improvement, they can accept themselves just as they are right now.

5. Winners do not live in the past. They view themselves in terms of their abilities, interests and goals, and they build confidence through their successes. Winners have the confidence to create success and the success necessary to create confidence. In other words, success breeds success.

6. Winners indulge in positive self-talk as an important key to permanent enhancement of self-esteem. Every waking moment we must feed our mind positive thoughts so relentlessly and vividly that our self-image, in time, is modified to conform to the new, higher standard.

7. Winners can graciously accept compliments. One good indicator of an individual’s opinion of himself is the way he accepts a compliment. It is incredible how low-achievers belittle and demean themselves when others try to pay them value.

8. Winners are aware of their potential, like who they are, and are eager to consider the well-being of others as they do their own.

SLA IT Employment Training Company in Chennai develops a winning attitude in all its students. SLA gives all-round development to kids in terms of soft skills training, grooming, and developing a corporate attitude. So, join SLA now! 

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SLA Chennai – N+ Certification Training Program Courses in Chennai

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Network+ (Network Plus) is a mid-level certification for network technicians. This certification is designed to test the competency of a mid-level network technician in supporting and configuring TCP/IP clients in terms of network design, cabling, hardware setup, configuration, installation, support, and troubleshooting.

The Network+ certification is sponsored by CompTIA, which is the Computing Technology Industry Association (formerly ABCD: The Microcomputer Industry Association). 

The Network+ exam contains situational, traditional, and identification types of questions. The Network+ exam is open to anybody, although it is designed to be taken by those with at least 18 months of on-the-job experience as a network technician, as well as the A+ certification or equivalent knowledge.

The Network+ exam tests the ability of a networking technician to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and support a network, and understand various aspects of networking technologies, including TCP/IP and the OSI model. It also tests knowledge of network components and where they function in association with the OSI model, network cabling, network security, and network troubleshooting. People who took the test before December 31, 2010 retain certification for life; those receiving certification January 1, 2011 or later need to reobtain certification after three years.

SLA IT Employment Training Company conducts job-oriented courses in N+. Join SLA now! For more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

SLA IT Group Chennai - .NET Program/Courses is Better than Java..

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.NET is a Microsoft framework and Java is a Sun Microsystems programming language. One of the reasons .NET is preferred over Java is because of the rich user interface (UI) .NET has. .NET also has a lot of languages that can be used to do the programming. .NET includes ASP.NET, C#, and even C and C++ coding. But, Java has the facility of using only one language.

.NET has a ADO.NET connection that disconnects from the database as soon as the job is over. This does not happen in Java.

In .NET most of the functionality is available in drag-and-drop tools/controls. The controls get the code for events automatically. And no separate programming is needed. But in Java, each and every control must be programmed to do what it is supposed to do.

.NET is also light weight and is not a heavy programming language like Java. Above all, .NET has maximum job openings for freshers. But, Java does not have that as much openings for freshers.

Knowing all the above advantages of .NET, SLA Employment Training Company in Chennai teaches .NET. The course also includes a real-time project in .NET.

Join SLA now! For more details visit SLA Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5050/90.

SLA Chennai - Why Cisco Certified Networking (CCNA) Programs/Courses/Training is Important?

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Apart from the reality that Cisco Systems has one of the biggest industry shares in the internetworking hardware vertical, earning a CCNA certification tells a potential employer that you are the right person to develop, configure, and keep their network.

According to current report released by Forrester Consulting, there is a large need for networking professionals in the IT space. This study recommends the following growth trends:
  1. 36% of the companies interviewed have a committed wireless role now, but 66% of the organizations profiled expected to have this specialist job role in the next five years.
  2. 80% of companies surveyed expect IT Safety job roles will be prevalent in their firms in the next 5 years (compared to 46% nowadays).
  3. 40% of the firms polled have a devoted voice specialist role, but this is anticipated to enhance to 69% inside five years.
Standard Job Roles For Certified CCNA Experts...
Right here are some of the typical job roles that would think about the CCNA certification a pre-requisite:
  • Wireless support specialist
  • Network Technician
  • Help Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Consultant
  • Cisco Technology Trainer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • WLAN project manager
  • Security engineers focused on wireless networks
  • Wireless technician/help technicians
  • Network administrator
  • System Analyst
  • Network Assistance Expert
  • Network Engineer
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Friday, 2 August 2013

SLA IT Group Chennai - Difference Between CCNA and Linux Training Course/Program

Lot of people who opt for certifications have doubts about CCNA and Linux. Linux is an operating system and CCNA is a certification. Linux has its own certifications just like CCNA.

A Linux System Admin would be someone who was an admin over a Linux server based network which is predominately Linux - it could even include someone who's an admin of a Linux e-mail server, or an admin of a stand-alone Linux server. A Network Admin is one who is mostly over an entire network which could have a mix of server systems like Linux, Unix, Windows, Novell, etc. as well as over all networking hardware like routers, switches, wireless. etc. They would be in charge of all networking for a company: LAN, WAN, MAN, etc. and making sure all network connections were up and running at all times.

CCNA is predominantly for Cisco networks and routers. The expansion of CCNA is Cisco certified network administrator. Both CCNA and Linux have hardware and networking options. But CCNA can easily fetch a job because Cisco is a market leader in networking.

The career path for CCNA will be - Junior network admin → Network administrators → Network operations analysts → Technical support specialists

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SLA Chennai - Best Interview Techniques/Tips for Freshers & Job-Seekers

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There are many questions that are frequently asked during interviews. Few of the questions are listed below.
  1. What experience do you have in the industry?
  2. What job and activities have you done that make you suitable for this position?
  3. What qualifications / competencies do you have for this job?
  4. What were your responsibilities at your last position?
  5. What are your major accomplishments or achievements in your last position?
  6. Have you had any other kind of training that would make you suitable for this position?
  7. Why should we hire you?
  8. Why do you want the job?
  9. What makes you different from the other candidates?
  10. What skills do you think are most critical for this job? And how do your skills relate to this?
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