Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Leadership Skills taught at SLA

Leadership is a very important concept in all types of organizations – company, country, or family. A leader motivates and sets the mission and vision for an organization. People are emotionally connected to a leader.

Though everyone prefers a benevolent leadership style, we cannot be sure that it works in all circumstances. For example, in a BPO unit where most of the employees have just crossed teenage, benevolent leadership may not work. The employees may need various methods to ensure discipline and work flow.

Laissez-Faire Leadership style means “let them do.” In this style employees are given a free rein to complete their jobs. This style works only for self-starters and experienced people. If an organization has a mix of young and experienced employees then different leadership styles can be used at different moments. You can read more about various leadership skills here.

At SLA IT Training company, we understand the importance of leadership skills. So, students are trained on the different leadership styles. If you want to learn soft skills along with technical skills, then walk into SLA. For more details visit SLA jobs Chennai or dial (91 44) 4200 5090. Call over mobile at 9884606888 or mail to enquiry@slajobs.com.