Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SLA Students Must Follow RPP - IT Training Chennai

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Students at SLA IT Training Company need to follow the RPP code. What is RPP? RPP stands for Regular, Punctual, and Practise.

Students have to be regular because they need to know all parts of the subject. If they absent themselves often they might miss important lessons.

Punctuality is very important in a corporate environment. Even the Father of our Nation Gandhiji was always punctual and he considered it as a virtue. So, SLA students are expected to be punctual to their classes.

Practise makes a man perfect. Just listening to theory classes once or trying out few lab questions may not help. The students have to do a lot of exercises in the lab, solve lot of problems, and get the help of the staff if needed. So, SLA students are encouraged to spend a lot of time in the lab.

SLA insists on RPP because it insists on the wholesome development of their students and not just learning tech skills.

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