Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SLA IT Training Chennai - Frequently Asked Questions on CCNA Exams

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Everyone who wants to take the CCNA exams will have some doubts about how the exam will be conducted. Take a look at few of the common queries and answers. 
I am going to take the exam in a few days and I wonder can we have a pen and paper for IP calculations or calculator itself?
You are not allowed to bring a calculator or anything else to the exam room. You can’t use the virtual calculator in Windows, too. You will receive a rough paper or a small board to write everything you need during the exam. However, you should bring a pen or a pencil because sometimes the exam hall doesn’t have one (yes, some exam centers are not good)  and maybe it will make you more comfortable.

Can I use short commands, for example “conf t” instead of “configure terminal”? Will I get full mark for short commands?
It is another big question in the CCNA exam. Some reports said that you can use the “Tab” and short commands but some said they didn’t work. Sometimes the simulator in the exam doesn’t accept short commands and marks as “incomplete command”. Besides, no one can guarantee it will cost points or not if you use short commands so my recommendation is you should learn the full commands.

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