Monday, 29 July 2013

SLA Chennai - Rich Media Advancements and Networking Industry

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With the fast-growth of rich media, mobile technology, hand-held devices, and cloud computing smartphone users expect information and entertainment 24 hours a day, in full living color. Wireless data usage will continue along its anticipated exponential growth curve, and large amounts of inexpensive bandwidth are no longer available. Enterprises will continue to move to the cloud, and critical applications will depend on guaranteed network access and performance.

Due to this fast growth in technology, network operators will need to compete and live up to their reliability commitments. They will need to maintain customers by ensuring that all types of customer service levels meet expectations and contractual requirements. Pre-testing network for optimum performances and upgrades is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction. This type of testing will involve real-world subscriber modeling that simulates a large quantity of mobile, home, and enterprise application usage – web, email, streaming video, VoIP – in typical and unusual scenarios.

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