Friday, 21 June 2013

Why does SLA teach DOTNET? - Best .Net Career Oriented Courses Training & Placement in Chennai

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Dear Students,

SLA Employment Training Academy teaches .NET courses. They have also placed a lot of students who learnt .NET in various MNCs such as Tata Consultancy Services, Logica, and Interglobe Technologies. But, SLA does not conduct a Java course. Why?

It has been found that .NET is the leader while developing mission critical applications. What is a mission critical application? If mission critical applications stop functioning, they will bring the operations of a company to a standstill. Railway reservation systems and order generation in a departmental store are examples of mission critical applications.

In a study conducted by IDC in 2009, it was found that

# Windows Server and .NET are the #1 (54.1%) deployed application server
# .NET usage exceeds Java across all sizes of enterprises

This statistics was provided after conducting survey in companies with over 1000 employees. The survey got data from more than 900 enterprise customers across the United States and Europe. Employees in key IT positions such as developer or architect were interviewed. So, there is no doubt that majority of companies use and prefer .NET over Java.

SLA is an Employment Training company and so conducts employment or career oriented courses. As .NET usage is wide and .NET is number one in the industry, SLA focuses on giving .NET training & placement in chennai.

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