Thursday, 27 June 2013

SLA Jobs Chennai - Network Issues - Fear Not, Fret Not | Networking Courses & Training in Chennai

sla jobs Chennai

Networking is the backbone of every IT organization. So, when a networking failure happens, work comes to a standstill.. Employees start wondering if adequate backups have been taken. People start wondering if it was a virus attack or some hardware issue.

But, don't start blaming the system administrator. He or she was the person who was running the show in the past and will continue to do so in the future. So, learn the reason for the current network mishap and try to avoid the scenario in future.

Trainings can be conducted about how and why the current failure happened, and how to avoid such issues in future. The downtime could have been due to external USB with virus, lack of disk space, or power outages also. So the employees and sometimes external unseen forces can be the reason for the system failure. So, it is better to learn from the experience rather than pinpoint someone. Remember the old proverb “United we stand, divided we fall.”

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Do you want to be an efficient Network Administrator or Systems Engineer who wants to maintain a perfect network? Do you want to learn about network troubleshooting and move towards a certification? Then SLA is the right place for you. You can work as a network engineer when you finish the course. Visit our website -

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Monday, 24 June 2013

SLA Makes Students Interview Ready - IT Job/Career Oriented Courses in Chennai

sla jobs Chennai

Manoj and Victor (names changed) went for an interview in a leading IT Company in Chennai. Both Manoj and Victor had done their CCNA certification courses, each in a different IT institute in Chennai. Manoj and Victor attended the interview. Both of them waited anxiously outside for the interview results. Victor was selected and Manoj was rejected. What could be the reason?

If you look into the educational backgrounds of Manoj and Victor, both of them are engineering students. Both of them had scored above 80% in college. So, the main difference was in the IT training institutes that both of them attended.

Victor did his IT course at SLA Employment Training Academy. At SLA Employment Training Academy, they train you not only in Technical Skills. They also train the students in soft skills and aptitude skills. They also conduct an internship program where the students get an on-the-job exposure in projects.

An acronym used at SLA is TAPASI. The students go through a lot of training such as:
# T – Technical
# A - Aptitude
# P – Placement
# A – Attitude
# S – Soft Skills
# I – Internship Real-Time

So, it is no wonder that students who study at SLA clear any interview and get a suitable job. So, what are you waiting for? SLA now offers a 25% discount for all career-oriented courses. So, grab the offer of your lifetime. Visit our website -

For more info Contact SLA: Please feel free to call us @ 044-42005090 or Visit: No:10, P.T Rajan Salai, K.K.Nagar,Chennai – 600078.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Why does SLA teach DOTNET? - Best .Net Career Oriented Courses Training & Placement in Chennai

Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai

Dear Students,

SLA Employment Training Academy teaches .NET courses. They have also placed a lot of students who learnt .NET in various MNCs such as Tata Consultancy Services, Logica, and Interglobe Technologies. But, SLA does not conduct a Java course. Why?

It has been found that .NET is the leader while developing mission critical applications. What is a mission critical application? If mission critical applications stop functioning, they will bring the operations of a company to a standstill. Railway reservation systems and order generation in a departmental store are examples of mission critical applications.

In a study conducted by IDC in 2009, it was found that

# Windows Server and .NET are the #1 (54.1%) deployed application server
# .NET usage exceeds Java across all sizes of enterprises

This statistics was provided after conducting survey in companies with over 1000 employees. The survey got data from more than 900 enterprise customers across the United States and Europe. Employees in key IT positions such as developer or architect were interviewed. So, there is no doubt that majority of companies use and prefer .NET over Java.

SLA is an Employment Training company and so conducts employment or career oriented courses. As .NET usage is wide and .NET is number one in the industry, SLA focuses on giving .NET training & placement in chennai.

For more info about courses, Please feel free to call us @ 044-42005090 or Email us @ .

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Recent Job Placements from SLA IT Training Academy

SLA has been continuously placing students in Top IT MNCs. Enroll in a course at SLA Jobs for a bright future and career in IT.

View few of the placements in Top IT companies and MNCs :

  • Our "SCDP Candidate - Mr. Madhubalan" got Selected in "Proteam Software India Pvt Ltd" through SLA Placement Cell.
  • Our "Dot Net Student - Ms. Divya" got Selected in "InterGlobe Technologies" as Associate Software Engineer, through SLA Placement Cell.  
  • "Hardware/Networking Student" Mr.Jothimurugan got Placed in "Onward eServices Pvt. Ltd" as Desktop Support Engineer, through SLA Placement Cell. 
  • Our "Project Student" Ms.Nandhini Rajachozlan got Selected in "Citrisys Solutions Pvt. Ltd" as Software Developer, through SLA Placement Cell.
  • Our "DotNet Student" Ms.Rajasudha got placed in "Consign IT Pvt. Ltd." as a Software Trainee.  

Monday, 10 June 2013

SLA Jobs Chennai - IT MNC Job Training Courses in Chennai

Placement Training Institute Chennai

Dear Students,

SLA proudly announces MNC Recruitment Program with pre-training. Pre trained fresher openings in DotNet, Desktop Support & Networking is available with our client MNCs. it is easy & quick.

Looking for IT Job? TOP MNC clients Recruiting 2013/2012 trained Freshers in Dot net & Desktop Support

7,50,000 freshers competing for just 1,25000 IT openings- Nasscom Report. Looking for IT JOB? Get Trained to Get Placed in IT through SLA, Previous batch Pre trained Candidates got placed in IBM, Accenture, HP, MindTree, Tata Communications, Polaris, Coromendal Infotech, CTS, Winx Solutions, Wipro etc.

Please feel free to call us @ 9344110333 or Email us @ .

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